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The SPEP Team and Leadership Council are available and engaged.  You will find that we take Fellowship seriously.

Ministerial Licensing, Ordination and Church/Chapter Charters


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     "For as the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without 

works is dead also."  - James 2:26

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God calls, man ordains. Membership in Faith & Works Christian Fellowship can be the covering for your personal ministry, an independent Christian congregation, chaplaincy or other needed or desired affiliation. Our credentials are not for sale. There will never be a shopping cart on this website. Ordination is FREE OF CHARGE. We do welcome free will donations, and seek to recover the costs of printing and mailing certificates.

Individual ministerial, congregational and affiliate members are encouraged to financially contribute to their ongoing relationship with us. There are no set dues but there are minimum pecuniary requirements. The Leadership Council of The Fellowship, after prayerful consideration, has set this course forward trusting in Him.

Faith & Works Christian Fellowship offers both license and ordination as ministers of the Gospel. A licensed minister is mentored by an ordained minister in a church, ministry, mission, outreach, chaplaincy, counseling or other appropriate setting for a period of 6 - 12 months. This level is intended for persons new to the field, just called, or needing licensure. Ordination is for someone who meets the educational and / or life experience requirements of the Leadership Council, or has been licensed for more than 12 months. Please see our application for more details.

Congregational church or Fellowship chapter charters are also available. Due to the increased amount of correspondence and record-keeping necessary at this level, there is a reasonable donation requested to issue a charter.

In all cases The Fellowship desires to celebrate commonality. It is time to get back to the basics of Christendom. Our very structure, this website, our constitution and bylaws are all designed to remain very simple: as simple as wanting to add to the body of Christ (“the Church”), and obeying His two greatest commandments and the Great Commission. It is our position that, as Christians, we are all called to minister to each other. Acting on our beliefs is what we are all about. That is why James 2:26 is our “anchor” verse.


The Leadership Council, as well as the Fellowship, is shepherded by a SPEP Team consisting of a Senior Pastor and an Executive Pastor who both serve as Co-Chairs of the Council. Faith & Works Christian Fellowship is an association of the faithful that ordains and provides a structure and accountability to those feeling called to God’s service. Many of us fall short of the requirements of mainline denominations while still earnestly desiring a credible covering for our individual ministry.

The call of God is for us to get over this disgusting sense of comparison and competition; and learn the blessing of what it means to have the complimentary fellowship of brothers and sisters that God gives, not for us to measure ourselves by, but for us to encourage one another by what God has made us each one to be.” – Jack Hayford


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